Bitter Dawn: East Timor: A People's Story

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September 2002



This book is a vivid first-hand account of the birth of the world's youngest county, East Timor, of the lives of individual Timorese during the long decades of Indonesia's repressive occupation, of their often heroic struggle for freedom, and of their efforts to cope with and make sense of the dramatic historic shifts engulfing them. Based on years of research, and lengthy interviews with East Timor's past, present, and future leaders, the book explores the complexities of East Timor's internal politics.


The view from the ditch; distant glimmers; the past casts its shadow; requiems; the bishop on the mountain; Timor's Joan of Arc; the crocodile bares it teeth; the dam breaks; Big Brother Xanana; a difficult time never to be forgotten; no sanctuary; fear is the parent of cruelty; blood rites; asking the fox to guard the chickens; dancing with Falintil; Uaimori; party in the jungle; the price of freedom; under siege; counting bodies; reinventing Timor; the crocodile returns; epilogue.


IRENA CRISTALIS is a Dutch journalist and photographer based in East Asia since 1990. She understands three Asian languages including Tetum, the indigenous language of the East Timorese. She spent time with the East Timorese resistance movement Falintil in the mountains, and was one of three Western journalists to stay on in the besieged UN compound prior to the Indonesian departure in September 1999. She broadcasts regularly on the BBC, Radio Netherlands and Deutsche Welle, and her reports and photographs are widely used.

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