A Revolutionary Year: The Middle East in 1958

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Juni 2002



In 1958 the Middle East and the Arab World were in historic crises. Lebanon was in civil turmoil. Iraq underwent a revolution. The Arab world seemed to be splitting from the West and re-aligning itself with the communist world. This collection of essays address the issues raised by the events of that year and their consequences.


Wm. Roger Louis is Kerr Professor of English History and Cultures at the University of Texas at Austin and Fellow of St Antony's College, Oxford. Roger Owen is A.J. Meyer Professor of Middle East History at Harvard University. He is the co-author of A History of Middle East Economies in the Twentieth Century and Middle East in the World Economy (both I.B. Tauris).


...[this book] is required reading for anyone with a serious interest in the recent history of the region
" -The Middle East"
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