Communicating Project Management: The Integrated Vocabulary of Project Management and Systems Engineering

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This integrated dictionary includes almost 2,000 terms in both project management and system engineering and software engineering by extension defined in a way that seamlessly integrates these overlapping and intertwined fields. Supported by illustrations and explanations that offer a practical context for the terminology, this one-of-a-kind resource bridges the gap between the separate vocabularies of these intersecting disciplines. Far more than a dictionary, this book includes reference sections that address the special problems of and techniques for communicating in the project environment.


Foreword (Stephen Cross, Ph.D., William R. Duncan, Heinz Stoewer, MSC). Preface. 1. Communicating Project Management. An overview of project communications that examines the four key factors: Participants, Techniques, Environment, and Language. 2. Facilitating Communication through Systems Management. A set of process models that provide the project context. The models and ground rules help clarify vocabulary in a broad sense, and specific term definitions identified by the Visual Process Model (VPM). 3. The Collaborative Environment. A characterization of the global environment created by professional associations and standards organizations and how it impacts project communications. 4. The Reference Project Cycle. A sample project cycle and nomenclature using the terms and definitions in Part 5, including a template that can be tailored and used on projects. 5. Terms and Definitions. 6. Acronyms. Index.


HAL MOOZ, PMP, is coprincipal and cofounder of CSM, the Center for Systems Management, in Tiburon, California, and has twenty years' experience consulting to government and private organizations, including AT&T, NASA, Bell Labs, GTE, and numerous others. He has developed leading university and industry project management training programs and trained over 10,000 high-technology project managers. He is a recipient of the CIA Seal Medallion and the INCOSE Pioneer Award. KEVIN FORSBERG, PhD, is coprincipal and cofounder of CSM, which provides project management services to an international client list that includes the CIA, NASA, TRW, and Lockheed-Martin. Dr. Forsberg has over forty years' experience in the project management environment and has received numerous awards, including the NASA Public Service Medal, the CIA Seal Medallion, and the INCOSE Pioneer Award. HOWARD COTTERMAN is an officer and board member of CSM. A founder of Cognitive Corporation with over three decades of project management experience, Cotterman developed IBM's first microprocessor in the mid-1960s and has also managed development and manufacturing projects at NCR, Intel, and Rockwell International.
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