Anger Management in Schools: Alternatives to Student Violence

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Second edition of the book that showed how anger was directly linked to violence, health problems, and interpersonal difficulty. It is imperative that we teach children to control their anger. Using the Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy (REBT) model, Wilde shows how teachers and counselors can encourage students to acknowledge and change feelings that are causing problems in their lives. Helping students learn not to become angry will directly or indirectly benefit all those who are involved in the education of our children.


1 The Interaction of Anger and Violence in Schools: The Costs of Learning 2 Hostility and Health: The Relationship Between Anger, Stress, and Illness 3 Characteristics of Angry and Agressive Students 4 Two Opposing Theories on the Cause of Anger in Children and Adolescents 5 The Difference Between REBT and Other Approaches 6 Setting the Stage for Change 7 Techniques for Coping with Anger 8 Depression, Anger, and Aggression 9 Transcriptions 10 Anger Control Groups and Classroom Lessons 11 Additional Anger Management Techniques 12 Strategies for Keeping Students Safe 13 School-Wide Safety Assessment 14 Final Thoughts Part 15 Appendixes Part 16 Bibliography Part 17 Index


Jerry Wilde is an assistant professor of educational psychology for Indiana University East. Prior to this academic appointment, he had nine years of experience where he counseled students who had emotional, behavioral, and learning difficulties.


...a very useful tool for psychologists. It lays out a program that can be used for both elementary and secondary students...I would recommend this book to other school psychologists as well as to teachers and administrators. It covers the topic thoroughly and answers virtually every question one might have about implementing such a program. (From a review of the first edition.) Educational Horizons Magazine ...an excellent book for school administrators, guidance counselors, and teachers. (From a review of the first edition.) Communique
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