Gender, Citizenships and Subjectivities

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This volume explores the relationship of citizenship and gender across a range of regions, nations and historical time periods. At the heart of each case study is an exploration of how gender shaped citizenship as a claims-making activity, and how women, often aligned with immigrants and minorities, took a leading role in articulating these claims.


1. Introduction: Gender, Citizenship and Subjectivity: Some Historical and Theoretical Considerations: Kathleen Canning and Sonya O. Rose. 2. Citizens and Scientists: Toward a Gendered History of Scientific Practice in Post--revolutionary France: Carol E. Harrison. 3. The Rhetorics of Slavery and Citizenship: Suffragist Discourse and Canoncial Texts in Britain, 1880--1914: Laura E. Nym Mayhall. 4. Imagining Female Citizenship in the a New Spaina : Gendering the Deomcratic Transition, 1975--1978: Pamela Beth Radcliff. 5. The Trial of the New Woman: Citizens--in--Training in the New Soviet Republic: Elizabeth A. Wood. 6. Enfranchised Selves: Women, Culture and Rights in Nineteenth--Century Bengal: Tanika Sarkar. 7. Citizenship as Non--Discrimination: Acceptance or Assimilationism? Political Logic and Emotional Investment in Campaigns for Aboriginal Rights in Australia, 1940--1970: Marilyn Lake. 8. Producing Citizens, Reproducing the a French Racea : Imimigration, Demography, and Pronatalism in Early Twentieth--Century France: Elisa A. Camiscioli. 9. Citizenship as Contingent National Belonging: Married Women and Foreigners in Twentieth--Century Switzerland: Brigitte Studer, translated by Kate Sturge. Notes on Contributors. Index.


Kathleen Canning is associate professor of History and Womena s Studies at the University of Michigan. She is the author of Languages of Labor and Gender: Female Factory Work in Germany 1850--1914 (Cornell University Press, 1996) and is currently working on a new book, Embodied Citizenships: Gender and the Crisis of Nation in Weimar Germany. Sonya O. Rose is Professor of History, Sociology and Womena s Studies at the University of Michigan. She is the author of Limited Livelihoods: Gender and Class in Nineteenth Century England (University of California Press, 1992) and co--editor with Laura L. Frader, of Gender and Class in Modern Europe (Cornell University Press, 1996). She has recently completed work on a new book, Which Peoplea s War? National Identity and Citizenship in World War II Britain (forthcoming).
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