Partners in Health, Partners in Crime: Exploring the Boundaries of Criminology and Sociology of Health and Illness

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* Brings together papers on the border between crime and health care. * Considers the work of forensic health care providers, law enforcement agents and policy makers. * Explores the medical component of crime and the legal status of medicine.


Notes on Contributors. 1. Introduction: Connecting Criminology and Sociology of Health and Illness: Stefan Timmermans and Jonathan Gabe. 2. Towards Generous Constraint: Freedom and Coercion in a French Addiction Treatment: Emilie Gomart. 3. The Cause of Death Vs. the Gift of Life: Boundary Maintenance and the Politics of Expertise in Death Investigation: Stefan Timmermans. 4. Violence Against Doctors: A Medical(ised) Problem? The Case of National Health Service General Pracitioners: Mary Ann Elston, Jonathan Gabe, David Denney, Raymond Lee and Maria Oa Beirne. 5. The Emergence and Implications of a Mental Health Ethos in Juvenile Justice: Sarah Armstrong. 6. Contesting the Text: Canadian Media Depictions of the Conflation of Mental Illness and Criminality: Riley Olstead. 7. Actor Networks, Policy Networks and Personality Disorder: Nick Manning. 8. Temporarily Insane: Pathologising Cultural Difference in American Criminal Courts: Sita Reddy. Index.


Stefan Timmermans is Associate Professor of Sociology at Brandeis University. His interests include death and dying, healthcare technologies and standardisation. He is the author of Sudden Death and the Myth of CPR (Temple, 1999) and co--author (with Marc Berg) of The Gold Standard: A Sociological Exploration of Evidence--Based Medicine and Standardization in Health Care (Temple, forthcoming). Jonathan Gabe is Reader of Social and Political Science at Royal Holloway, University of London. His research interests include health care organisation, chronic illness and mental health. He is the author of Going Private (with Michael Calnan and Sarah Cant) (Open University Press, 1993) and a number of edited collections including Medicine, Health and Risk (Blackwell, 1995), Health and Sociology of Emotions (with Veronica James) (Blackwell, 1996) and Theorising Health, Medicine and Society (with Simon Williams and Michael Calnan) (Routledge, 2000).
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