Five Key Concepts in Anthropological Thinking

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September 2002



This highly readable introduction discusses anthropological theory in a manner accessible to lay readers, yet does not oversimplify the material. Addresses five key concepts--evolution, culture, structure, function, and relativism--rather than individual theorists, and conveys the sense that their theory and associated debates can be interesting despite their complexity. Presents a balanced view of varying theoretical positions to pique readers' interest and avoid confusion. Uses clear, straightforward language, avoiding esoteric jargon. Critiques certain theoretical positions, including 19th-century racist theories and contemporary post-structural and postmodernist approaches. Includes a glossary of key terms that are highlighted throughout. A thought-provoking reference for anyone interested in learning about anthropology.


(NOTE: Each chapter concludes with Discussion Questions.) 1. Introduction. 2. The Idea of Evolution. 3. The Idea of Culture. 4. The Idea of Structure. 5. The Idea of Function. 6. The Idea of Relativism. 7. Epilogue. Glossary. References. Index.
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