The Emergence of the Eastern Powers, 1756 1775

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Shows how the European states-system was transformed by the military rise of Prussia and Russia.


List of maps and genealogical table; Acknowledgements; A note on dates and place names; List of abbreviations; Introduction: the eighteenth-century European states system and its transformations; 1. The rise of the eastern powers; 2. The Seven Years War and the European states system; 3. The domestic legacies of the Seven Years War; 4. The stabilisation of Europe, 1763-1766; 5. Diplomacy and the eastern powers; 6. From peace to war, 1766-1768; 7. The partition of Europe, 1768-1772; 8. The advance of Russia, 1772-1775; Conclusion: Russia and the emergence of the eastern powers; Bibliography; Index.


Hamish Scott is Professor of International History, University of St Andrews. He is the author of The Rise of the Great Powers 1648-1815 (1983, with D. McKay) and British Foreign Policy in the Age of the American Revolution (1990).


'It is an elegant and learned book, and its significance is apparent from the outset. ... The quantity and quality of the research underpinning this book are impressive. ... The Rise of the Eastern Powers is a notable contribution to our understanding of the history of modern Europe, and a model work of international history.' Institute of Historical Research '... scholars can buy this outstanding work confident that it delivers even more than it claims.' German History
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