World Philosophies: A Historical Introduction

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September 2002



This popular text has now been revised to ensure that it continues to meet the needs of the growing number of people interested in all the main philosophical traditions of the world.Introduces all the main philosophical systems of the world, from ancient times to the present day. Now includes new sections on Indian and Persian thought and on feminist and environmental philosophy. The preface and bibliography have also been updated. Written by a highly successful textbook author.


Preface to second edition. 1. Introduction. Part I: Ancient Philosophies: 2. India. The 'Schools' and their Framework. Nyaya. Samkhya and Yoga. Advaita Vedanta. Buddhism. Ethics and Indian Philosophy. 3. China. The Character of Chinese Philosophy. Confucianism. Mohism. Taoism. 4. Greece. Legacies. Naturalism and Relativism. Plato. Aristotle. Epicureanism, Scepticism and Stoicism. Part II: Middle Period and 'Modern' Philosophies: 5. Medieval Philosophies. Religion and Philosophy. Neo-Platonism and Early Christianity. Islamic and Jewish Philosophy. Thomism and its Critics. Medieval Mysticism. 6. Developments in Asian Philosophy. Theistic Vedanta. Neo-Confucianism. Zen Buddhism. Illumination. 7. From Renaissance to Enlightenment. Humanism and the Rise of Science. Scepticism. Dualism, Materialism and Idealism. Monism and Monadology. Enlightenment and Its Critics. Part III: Recent Philosophies: 8. Kant and the Nineteenth Century. Kant. Absolute Idealism. Philosophies of the Will. Marxism and Social Darwinism. Positivism, Pragmatism and British Idealism. 9. Recent Non-Western Philosophies. India. China and Japan. The Islamic World. Africa. 10. Twentieth-Century Western Philosophies. Philosophies of Life. Phenomenology, Hermeneutics and Existentialism. Logical Atomism and Logical Positivism. Naturalisms. Postmodernism and Related Tendencies. Bibliography. Index.


David E. Cooper is Professor of Philosophy at the University of Durham and Director of the Durham Institute of Comparative Ethics. He is the author of a number of books including Metaphor (1986) and Existentialism (1990, second edition 1999). He is also editor of A Companion to Aesthetics (1992), and four volumes in the series Philosophy: The Classic Readings - Aesthetics (1997), Ethics (1997), Epistemology (1999) and Metaphysics (2000). All of the above are published by Blackwell.


'A multicultural feast of ideas and arguments! In language that is expressive, clear and often humorous, David Cooper has written a compelling history of philosophy, covering as it does not only the major figures in Western thought but also the main trends in non-Western philosophy.' Robert L. Arrington, Georgia State University 'By opening the door to cross-cultural comparison, Cooper has let in a draught that may blow away the whole house of cards, and uncover the parts of philosophy that the histories never reached.' Jonathan Ree, Times Higher Education Supplement
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