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-- Includes detailed instructions for implementing an RCM program-- Presents a series of real-world power plant applications-- Provides helpful information on how RCM fits into Total Quality ManagementReliability-Centered Maintenance is an expert guide that discusses and evaluates current preventive maintenance (PM) practices, as well as demonstrates how the reliability-centered maintenance (RCM) method provides for extremely cost-effective manufacturing. Readers are provided with complete information on how this methodology has been applied to accomplish exceptional PM results. This new edition takes the very successful commercial airline maintenance strategy and explains how it fits into utility, petrochemical, and other various industrial/manufacturing plants to achieve reduced downtime as well as reduced O&M costs. The whole RCM concept is expanded into the role it plays in an overall world-class maintenance strategy.


A World Class Maintenance Program;
A Key Maintenance Strategy;
The "R" in RCM - Pertinent Reliability;
Preventive Maintenance Definition and Structure;
RCM - A Proven Approach;
Classical RCM Methodology - The Systems Analysis Process;
Illustrating Classical RCM - A Simple Example;
Alternate Analysis Methods;
Implementation - Carrying RCM to the Floor;
RCM Lessons Learned;
The Living RCM Program;
Software Support - RCM Worksaver;
Illustrating RCM Use In Industry


Mr. Hinchcliffe has worked in the maintenance arena for over 30 years, and has over 20 years of direct experience in organizational and maintenance optimization and the application of reliability centered maintenance (RCM) to a vast array of systems and components both simple and complex. This hands-on experience and his background in reliability has placed him in a unique position to understand the forces affecting today's maintenance professional, and how the seemingly divergent goals of increased availability at the least overall cost may be achieved. He formed G&S Associates, where he assists an array of clients in diverse market areas.Mr. Hinchcliffe has worked in the aerospace, utility, and private sectors. He has developed and taught courses on RCM and the application of reliability and statistical techniques to track maintenance improvements and predict outcomes.Mr. Hinchcliffe is a senior member of IEEE, a registered professional engineer in the states of Florida and North Carolina, and has authored many papers on the application of RCM. Mr. Hinchcliffe's work and achievements have been recognized by the National Registry of "Who's Who and by Strathmore's "Who's Who In Industry.
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