Substructural Logics: A Primer

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The aim of the present book is to give a comprehensive account of the 'state of the art' of substructural logics, focusing both on their proof theory (especially on sequent calculi and their generalizations) and on their semantics (both algebraic and relational. It is for graduate students in either philosophy, mathematics, theoretical computer science or theoretical linguistics as well as specialists and researchers.


Preface. Part I: The philosophy of substructural logics. 1. The role of structural rules in sequent calculi. Part II: The proof theory of substructural logics. 2. Basic proof systems for substructural logics. 3. Cut elimination and the decision problem. 4. Other formalisms. Part III: The algebra of substructural logics. 5. Algebraic structures. 6. Algebraic semantics. 7. Relational semantics. Appendix A: Basic glossary of algebra and graph theory. Appendix B: Other substructural logics. Bibliography. Index of subjects.


From the reviews:
"This is a well written introduction to ... substructural logics. ... The author's aim is to deal with a particular group of these logics ... . In fact, the book could be well used as a textbook for an undergraduate course, or even for a beginning graduate course. ... A further advantage of the text is that the logics are introduced in a new unified notational system making the first chapters a handy reference for any logician who works in this area of logic." (Katalin Bimbo, Mathematical Reviews, Issue 2005 b)
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