The Cambridge Ancient History

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Part II of volume I deals with the history of the Near East from about 3000 to 1750 B.C.


List of maps; List of tables; List of text-figures; Preface; 11. The early dynastic period in Egypt I. E. S. Edwards, F.B.A; 12. The last predynastic period in Babylonia Henri Frankfort and Leri Davies; 13. The cities of Babylonia C. J. Gadd, F.B.A; 14. The old kingdom in Egypt and the beginning of the first intermediate period W. Stevenson Smith; 15. Palestine in the early Bronze Age R. de Vaux, O.P.; 16. The early dynastic period in Mesopotamia Sir Max E. L. Mallowan, F.B.A.; 17. Syria before 2200 B.C. Margaret S. Drower and J. Borrero; 18. Anatolia c.4000-2300 B.C. J. Mellaart and Carl W. Blegen; 19. The dynasty of Agade and the Gutian invasion C. J. Gadd; 20. The middle kingdom in Egypt William C. Hayes; 21. Syria and Palestine c.2160-1780 B.C. G. Posener, J. Bottero and K. M. Kenyon, F.B.A; 22. Babylonia c. 2120-1800 B.C. C. J. Gadd; 23. Persia c.2400-1800 B.C. Walther Hinz; 24. Anatolia c.2300-1750 B.C. J. Mellaart, Carl W. Blegen and Hildegard Lewy; 25. Assyria c.2600-1816 B.C. Hildegard Lewy; 26. Greece, Crete, and the Aegean islands in the early Bronze Age John L. Caskey and H. W. Catling; 27. Immigrants from the north R. A. Crossland; Bibliographies; chronological tables; Index to maps; General index.
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