The Cambridge Companion to Piero Della Francesca

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Januar 2012



Brings together new essays on the work of this master of the early Renaissance.


1. The Misericordia Polyptych: reflections on spiritual and visual culture in Sansepolcro Diane Cole Ahl; 2. The spiritual world of Piero's art Timothy Verdon; 3. Piero's Legend of the True Cross and the friars of San Francesco Jeryldene M. Wood; 4. Piero's meditation on the Nativity Marilyn Aronberg Lavin; 5. 'Troppo belli e troppo eccellenti': observations on dress in the work of Piero della Francesca Jane Bridgeman; 6. Piero della Francesca's ruler portraits Joanna Woods-Marsden; 7. The Renaissance prospettiva: perspectives of the ideal city Philip Jacks; 8. Piero's treatises: the mathematics of form Margaret Daly Davis; 9. Piero della Francesca's mathematics J. V. Field; 10. Piero's parnassus of modern painters and poets Anne B. Barriault.


'Jeryldene Wood, offers a balanced overview of Piero and a strong essay setting the Arezzo frescos in their local Franciscan context ... many of this volume's sixty-two pages of notes reflect literature that has appeared since the 1992 'Piero year', and these references also stand as invaluable companions.' Burlington Magazine
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