Jean Sibelius: A Guide to Research

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This book is a comprehensive annotated bibliography of writings about the life, times, and music of Jean Sibelius (1865-1957). Over 1,000 sources in 11 different languages are represented, from the earliest writings, which appeared in the 1890s, to studies published through 1994. Historical information and background are supplied together with an indication of the reliability of each source. Translations of studies into English, German, and French are noted, particularly important in a field where so many items are in Finnish and Swedish. Introductory essays to each section discuss Sibelius in different contexts: for example, vis--vis his contemporaries in Scandinavia, in relation to folk music, in reception history, and in the scholarly literature. Individual musical compositions have their own sections with bibliography. Comprehensive indexes cover the musical works, authors, and people and subjects mentioned. Index.


"Indispensable for serious music-library collections. Goss has furnished us with a thoughtful presifting of this widely scattered material and has helped to nudge us toward the potential nuggets of gold concealed within it. The Guide is the most carefully prepared bibliography of published writings on the composer. It is certain to become a staple of Sibelius scholarship for decades to come."
"High-quality guide to major research on the music of Sibelius. Highly recommended for academic libraries."
"Anyone with a serious interest in Sibelius, his times, or his music, will find "Jean Sibelius: A Guide to Research an invaluable aid. This book deserves a place on library shelves and in the personal collections of many readers of this journal. Brava, Professor Goss!."
-Journal of the Conductors Guild
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