Ref Guide to Med Plants V2-CL

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Februar 1990



A reference guide to medicinal plants, this heavily illustrated volume is based on the Appalachian herbal practice of the late A. L. "Tommie" Bass. It is a comprehensive, fully documented reference work that interweaves scientific evaluation w


John K. Crellin, Clinch Professor of the History of Medicine at Memorial University of Newfoundland, is a physician, pharmacist, and historian. His books include "Medical Ceramics in the Wellcome Institute" and "Home Medicine: The Newfoundland Experience."Before her death in 1997, Jane Philpott was Professor Emerita in the Department of Botany and the School of Forestry and Environmental Studies at Duke University.


oThe historical comments that follow BassOs opinions are truly excellent. Detailed nad well referenced, they are essential reading for all persons interested in the history of herbs and their use.ONVarro E. Tyler, Pharmacy in History oEasily the most important historical commentary on American medicinal plants in two decades.ONFosterOs Botanical and Herb Reviews oA veritable treasure-house of information that could be a baseline for future research on little-known herbals.ONB. Subramanian, Journal of Scientific and Industrial Research
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