Applied Electrospray Mass Spectrometry: Practical Spectroscopy Series Volume 32

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Februar 2002



Discussing strategies to determine the structure and machanisms of numerous compound classics, this book covers new chemical and elctrophoretic techniques for rapid sample preconcentration and separation. It summarizes breakthroughs in the theory and instrumentation of electrospray mass spectrometry in pharmaceutical and biomedical applications, provides practical examples for the characterization of peptides, proteins, and glycoproteins, includes applications in proteomics, combinatorial chemistry, and drug characterization. Topics include chemical and electrophoretic techniques for rapid sample preconcentration and separation, screening processes for proteins from libraries of compounds, protein folding and dynamics, and more.


Historical review/principles/instrumentation; nano-spray ESI development - LC/MS, CE/MS application; antibiotics/pharmaceuticals; pharmacokinetics/drug metabolism; proteins/peptides; glyco-proteins; proteomics/bioinformatics; noncovalent complexes;H/D exchange in solution; clinical biomedical application - micro-flow ESI.


"summarizes the most recent breakthroughs in the theory and instrumentation of electrospray mass spectrometry." -International Journal of Environmental Analytical Chemistry "excellent." -Journal of the American Chemical Society "a full and clear discussion"covers a broad range of the modern applications of ESI-MS.well-written and structured." -Journal of Analytical Atomic Spectrometry Promo Copy
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