Key Debates in Education

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Februar 2002



Our society invests hugely in education, but not always very thoughtfully. Key Debates in Education outlines all of the main issues involved in arriving at an intelligent understanding of education. In particular, it provides in-depth discussion of: the purpose of education; the nature of teaching, learning and assessment; education policy; the contribution of education to society. Above all, the authors convey the liveliness and excitement of educational debate--not least through the way that they take issue with each other. In the process they show how and why people who care about education radically disagree with each other. This text includes questions, tasks, and further reading sections.


1. The aims of education 2. How and why do we learn? 3. Who teaches and why? 4. Policy, practice and principles 5. Education for a better world? 6. Conclusion Appendix: a brief history of education


Ian Davies, Ian Gregory and Nick McGuinn are all lecturers at the University of York. They specialise in History, Philosophy and English respectively.


[bad] "Some of the analyses are insightful, but at times a response seems to ignore the careful distinctions laid out, as if the writer is making an effort to be controversial."
Choice, March 2003
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