The Anecdote in Mark, the Classical World and the Rabbis: A Study of Brief Stories in the Demonax, the Mishnah, and Mark 8:27-10:45

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Dezember 2002



This major study of a Markan genre, represented in the central section 8.27-10.4, ranges through Greek, rabbinic and early Christian literature, providing detailed comparison with the anecdotes in Lucian's Demonax and the Mishnah.Moeser concludes that the Markan anecdotes clearly follow the definition of, and typologies for, the Greek chreia. His analysis indicates that while the content of the three sets of anecdotes is peculiar to its respective cultural setting, the Greek, Jewish and Christian examples all function according to the purposes of the genre.


ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS; ABBREVIATIONS; INTRODUCTION CHAPTER 1. THE ANECDOTE IN THE FRAMEWORK OF LITERARY CRITICISM Genre; The Anecdote - A Definition: The Anecdote in Modern Literary Studies From Orality to Literacy CHAPTER 2. THE ANECDOTE IN GREEK AND ROMAN WRITERS Ancient Education and the Progumnavsmata; Terms and Definitions; The Creiva or Chria in Quintilian and Greek and Latin Progymnasmata; Anecdotes in the DHMWNAKTOS BIOS of Lucian of Samosata; Chapter Conclusions CHAPTER 3. THE ANECDOTE IN RABBINIC WRITINGS Introduction; Anecdotes in the Mishnah; Anecdotes of Division Mo'ed Qatian; Anecdotes concerning Gamaliel; Chapter Conclusions CHAPTER 4. THE GOSPEL ANECDOTE IN NEW TESTAMENT SCHOLARSHIP Form Critical Approaches; Rhetorical Approaches; Rabbinic Analogies to Gospel Anecdotes CHAPTER FIVE THE ANECDOTE IN THE GOSPEL OF MARK 8.27-10.45: 'ON THE WAY' The Gospel of Mark; Anecdotes in Mark 8.27 - 10.45; Form of the Anecdotes in Mark 8.27-10.4; Summary on the Form of the Anecdotes in Mark 8.27-10.45; Function of the Anecdotes in Mark 8.27-10.45; Chapter Conclusions Conclusion; Appendices; Bibliography


Marion Moeser is Assistant Professor of New Testament at the Franciscan School of Theology, Berkley, California.

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