Tourism and Development in Mountain Regions

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Januar 2000



This book discusses the importance of mountain regions, and the precariousness of mountain tourism in the context of ecosystem and cultural conservation. It includes case studies of mountain tourism existing alongside environmental sustainability and community well being. The text presents an integrated approach to mountain-based tourism, balancing the needs of local communities, tourists and environmental conservation.


Tourism and development in mountain regions - a theoretical overview; environmental management for Alpine tourism and resorts in Australia; conservation and development in Greek mountain areas; using resource assessment, monitoring and experimental techniques to guide sustainable visitation levels - examples from Alaska and the Rocky Mountains, USA; the economic impacts of different types of tourism in upland areas of Europe; economic sustainability and the monarch reserve of Mexico's Sierra Madres; mountain tourism and public policy in Nepal; planning for participatory community-based ecotourism - a case from Langtang, Nepal; Mongolia's tourism development race - a case study from the Gobi Gurvansaikhan National Park; amenity migration and tourism in Zimbabwe's eastern highlands; strategies for a sustainable future in mountain regions - an integrated conclusion. (Part contents).
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