Worms and Human Disease

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This second edition of the popular advanced student textbook (previously published as "Worms and Disease: A Manual of Medical Helminthology") has been thoroughly updated and revised since it was first published in 1975. It includes contributions and a chapter by Prof. Derek Wakelin, University of Nottingham, UK. * An authoritative handbook covering all human helminth infections with particular emphasis on diagnosis, treatment, clinical manifestations, pathogenesis, epidemiology and control * Practical guidelines are given for estimating the clinical and public significance of helminthiases, vital in areas where the majority of inhabitants are infected with many helminths but only a few are sick.


The trematodes; the cestodes; the acanthocephala; the nematodes; other groups; epidemiological aspects of helminth infections; immunological aspects of helminth infections; helminthological techniques. (Part contents).
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