Market Development for Genetically Modified Foods

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The investment climate for firms producing genetically modified (GM) agricultural products has recently experienced considerable change, with the occurrence of remarkably high rate of farmer acceptance, but considerable consumer resistance. The present system that involves firms developing biotech products, farmers producing the products, food and related agribusiness industrial firms, and consumers of food, is very volatile. This however will soon be affected by changes in reulatory, trade and food safety regimes.This book addresses these key issues and is based on papers presented at the fourth meeting of The International Consortium on Agricultural Biotechnology Research (ICABR), on Economics of Agricultural Biotechnology, held at Ravello, Italy, in August 2000. Organized in four parts, this volume focuses on: Consumer reactions to GM food information, regulatory issues, farmer acceptance of biotech products, and changes in industrial organization in life science and food sectors


"[T]his well-written book is recommended both for practitioners and scientists.", vol. 30
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