Appian: The Wars of the Romans in Iberia

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Appian's Iberike, the sixth book of his Roman History, chronicles the events of the Roman wars in the Iberian peninsula from the beginning of the Hannibalic wars in 218 BC until the capture of the Celtiberian city of Numantia in 133 BC. The Iberike is the only continuous source for much of the period and so provides a unique picture of this early period of Roman imperial expansion. This is the first English translation of the book, presented facing the Greek text, and is accompanied by a historical commentary and copious notes.


Preface; Bibliography; Maps. Introduction. The author; Appian's Roman History; The structure of the Wars in Iberia; Appian as a historian; The establishment of the text; This edition and commentary; Notes to the introduction. Parallel Greek Text and English Translation; Commentary; Indexes.


John Richardson is Professor of Classics at the University of Edinburgh.

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