Phonons in Nanostructures

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Theory of phonons in nanostructures for researchers, graduate students and undergraduates in physics and engineering.


Preface; The first part: 1. Phonons in nanostructures; 2. Phonons in bulk cubic crystals; 3. Phonons in bulk wurtzite crystals; 4. Raman properties of bulk phonons; 5. Occupation number representation and general formulation of carrier-phonon scattering rates; 6. Anharmonic coupling of phonons; 7. Continuum models for phonons in bulk and dimensionally-confined semiconductors; 8. Carrier-LO-phonon scattering; 9. Carrier-acoustic-phonon scattering; 10. Recent developments on electron-phonon interactions in structures in electronic and optoelectronic devices; 11. Concluding considerations; Appendices.


Dr. Michael A. Stroscio earned a Ph.D. in Physics from Yale University and held research positions at the Los Alamos Scientific Laboratory and the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory, before moving into the management of federal research and development at a variety of U.S. government agencies. Dr. Stroscio has served as a policy analyst for the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy, and as Vice Chairman of the White House Panel on Scientific Communication. He has taught and lectured on Physics and Electrical Engineering at several universities including Duke University, the North Carolina State University and the University of California at Los Angeles.
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