Magnetic Components for Power Electronics

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November 2001



Magnetic Components for Power Electronics concerns the important considerations necessary in the choice of the optimum magnetic component for power electronic applications. These include the topology of the converter circuit, the core material, shape, size and others such as cost and potential component suppliers. These are all important for the design engineer due to the emergence of new materials, changes in supplier management and the examples of several component choices. Suppliers using this volume will also understand the needs of designers.
Highlights include: Emphasis on recently introduced new ferrite materials, such as those operating at megahertz frequencies and under higher DC drive conditions;
Discussion of amorphous and nanocrystalline metal materials;
New technologies such as resonance converters, power factors correction (PFC) and soft switching;
Catalog information from over 40 magnetic component suppliers;
Examples of methods of component choice for ferrites, amorphous nanocrystalline materials;
Information on suppliers management changes such as those occurring at Siemens, Philips, Thomson and Allied-Signal;
Attention to the increasingly important concerns about EMI.

This book should be especially helpful for power electronic circuit designers, technical executives, and material science engineers involved with power electronic components.


Preface. Acknowledgements. 1. Applications and Topologies for Power Electronic Systems. 2. Main Considerations for Magnetic Component Choice. 3. Magnetic Materials for Power Electronics. 4. Core Shapes for Power Electronics. 5. Core Sizes-Design Considerations in Power Electronics. 6. Commercially-Available Components for Power Electronics. 7. Design Aids in Magnetic Component Choice for Power Electronics. Bibliography. Appendices. Index.
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