High-Impact Training Solutions: Top Issues Troubling Trainers

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Juli 2001



Training and development professionals are faced with a host of responsibilities and goals that can be met only if they integrate the latest thinking in the field with their own experience and thereby develop a new arsenal of skills and knowledge. The contributors to this volume, all of whom have extensive professional, consulting, and/or research experience in the training field, thoroughly examine the leading training issues by speaking straightforwardly to the training practitioner. These issues include the strategic linkage of training to business objectives, the determination of training needs, transfer of training, training technologies, holistic training and development, and the multiple roles of the professional trainer.


"This edited volume delivers on its promise to delve into the leading training issues of today in a straightforward and innovative way. The chapters provide trainers with a number of valuable strategies, techniques, and methods to improve training relevance, meet training needs, and enhance training effectiveness. The recommendations are backed up by the work of these experienced training professionals as well as from cutting-edge research."-J. Kevin Ford Professor Michigan State University
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