Shades of White: White Kids and Racial Identities in High School

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Februar 2002



A comparative ethnography in two high schools, one urban and one suburban, that studies the differing notions of whiteness and race that predominate among students at each school.


Pamela Perry is Assistant Professor of Community Studies at the University of California, Santa Cruz.


"In an overwhelmingly white country being white used to be seen as just being part of the majority, just a normal American. But how will our children think about it in schools where they will increasingly confront more and more students of other racial and ethnic identities? This book offers a sensitive and fascinating exploration of that question from the state at the cusp of that demographic revolution, California. Perry frames vital issues of integration and equity that demand leadership from the nation's educators not just for the sake of minority students, but to prepare whites to become a successful minority in a workable multiracial society."-Gary Orfield, Harvard University "This book will widely influence current studies of race and whiteness and of high schools as institutions recreating cultural norms and identities. Perry's notion of the 'multi-racial' self is profound and will help reconfigure the way racial identities are debated and understood." - John Hartigan Jr., University of North Texas
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