Network Interdiction and Stochastic Integer Programming

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November 2002



On March 15, 2002 we held a workshop on network interdiction and the more general problem of stochastic mixed integer programming at the University of California, Davis. Jesús De Loera and I co-chaired the event, which included presentations of on-going research and discussion. At the workshop, we decided to produce a volume of timely work on the topics. This volume is the result. Each chapter represents state-of-the-art research and all of them were refereed by leading investigators in the respective fields. Problems - sociated with protecting and attacking computer, transportation, and social networks gain importance as the world becomes more dep- dent on interconnected systems. Optimization models that address the stochastic nature of these problems are an important part of the research agenda. This work relies on recent efforts to provide methods for - dressing stochastic mixed integer programs. The book is organized with interdiction papers first and the stochastic programming papers in the second part. A nice overview of the papers is provided in the Foreward written by Roger Wets.


Preface. Contributing Authors.
Foreword; R. Wets.
1. Interdicting Smuggled Nuclear Material; Feng Pan, et al.
2. Enumerating Near-Min s-t Cuts; A. Balcioglu, R.K. Wood.
3. A Decomposition-Based Approximation for Network Inhibition; C. Burch, et al.
4. Interdicting Stochastic Networks; R. Hemmeke, et al.
5. Stochastic Batch-Sizing; G. Lulli, S. Sen.
6. Decomposition with Convexification; S. Sen, et al.
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