Papers from the Vith International Conference on Historical Linguistics, Poznań, 22 26 August 1983

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This volume presents a selection of papers from the 6th International Conference on Historical Linguistics (ICHL), which was held in 1983, in Poznań, Poland.


1. Preface, pix;
2. List of participants, pxi;
3. Conference programme, pxvii;
4. Divergence and convergence in linguistic evolution (by Birnbaum, Henrik), p1;
5. Areal linguistics and its implications for historical linguistics (by Campbell, Lyle), p25;
6. Paradigm economy in Latin nouns (by Carstairs-McCarthy, Andrew D.), p57;
7. Ablaut: a phoenix in the history of Afrikaans (by Conradie, C. Jac), p71;
8. An analysis and synthesis in sound change (by Danchev, Andrei), p83;
9. On the diachrony of subtractive poerations: evidence for semiotically based models of natural phonology and natural morphology from northern anatolien greek dialects (by Dressler, Wolfgang U.), p105;
10. Did old English have a middle voice? (by Fraser, Thomas H.K.), p129;
11. The vowel /a:/ in English (by Gburek, Hubert), p139;
12. Framing the linguistic actions scene in Old and Present-day English: CWEpAN, SECGAN, SP(R)ECAN and Present-day English SPEAK, TALK, SAY and TELL compared (by Goossens, Louis), p149;
13. Lexical restructuring: rule loss versus rule intersection; evidence from Italian (by de Grandis, Rita), p171;
14. Theories of sound change fail if they try predict too much (by Gvozdanovic, Jadranka), p183;
15. Chance and necessity in diachronic syntax - word order typologies and the position of modern Persian relative clauses (by Haider, Hubert), p199;
16. Umlaut as a harmony process (by Hamans, Camiel S.J.N.), p217;
17. Divergent patterns of word prder in contemporary French (by Harris, Martin B.), p235;
18. Articulatory modes and typological universals: the puzzle of Bantu ejectives ans aspirates (by Herbert, Robert K.), p251;
19. Velar segments in Old English and Old Irish (by Hickey, Raymond), p267;
20. On the semasiologization of phonological rules: the semiotic evolution of Finnish consonant gradation (by Holman, Eugene), p281;
21. Another explanation for the development of s before l in Norwegian (by Jahr, Ernst Hakon), p291;
22. Wilhelm Scherer's Zur geschichte der deutschen Sprache: a milestone in 19th-century linguistics (by Jankowsky, Kurt R.), p301;
23. Proto-Indo-European consonantism: methodological and further typological concerns (by Joseph, Brian D.), p313;
24. The place of Saussure's Memoire in the development of historical linguistics (by Koerner, E.F.K.), p323;
25. Indo-European numerals and the sexagesimal system (by Manczak, Witold), p347;
26. Absolute versus relative comparison: typology and development (by Markey, Thomas), p353;
27. Diachronic morphologization: the circumstances surrounding the birth, growth and decline of noun incorporation (by Mithun, Marianne), p365;
28. For a diachrony-in-synchrony analysis (by Nagucka, Ruta), p394;
29. On the possible clusters of mb, nd, and ng in Proto- Japanese (by Peng, Fred C.C.), p409;
30. Are there dysfunctional changes? (by Giacalone Ramat, Anna), p427;
31. The Indo-European origin of the Balti Slavic - e - and - a- preterite (by Rasmussen, Jens Elmegard), p441;
32. Variability in word formation patterns and productivity in the American South (by Schneider, Edgar W.), p467;
33. Rule ordering and the dynamics of diatopic language variation (by Taeldeman, Johan), p489;
34. Le developpement d'un auxiliaire modal en yiddish: lozn 'laiser' (by Taube, Moshe), p499;
35. Confrontation and association (by Traugott, Elizabeth Closs), p515;
36. The bifurcation theory of the Germanic and German consonant shifts: synopsis and some further thoughts (by Vennemann, Theo), p527;
37. Prosodic structures and the development of French schwa (by Verluyten, S. Paul), p549;
38. On the origins and developments of American English (by Viereck, Wolfgang), p561;
39. Quelques problemes des recherche etymologiques sur les emprunts lexicaux (by Walczak, Bogdan), p571;
40. Morphologische Naturlichkeit und morphologischer Wandel. Zur vorhersagbarkeit von sprachveranderungen (by Wurzel, Wolfgang Ullrich), p587;
41. Anders Ahlqvist: Summing up, p601;
42. Index of languages, p607;
43. Index of names, p612
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