Women and the Bullring

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August 2003



The presence of women in the bullring was literally banned in Spain until 1975, when the country's political transition to democracy recognized equal rights for women in every aspect of society. After centuries of brave and relentless crusading, women have managed to make inroads into this male domain. The story of Women and the Bullring is one of daring and determined women who overcome countless obstacles and sexist barriers to realize a unique dream--that of becoming a "matadora de toros." In the first English translation of this award-winning book on the subject, Muriel Feiner chronicles the struggle of women to become matadors--not only Spanish and Latin American women but also American, French, and British--from the 17th century to the present day. She also includes women who have attempted to make inroads into the bullfighting world as bull breeders, journalists, photographers, managers, artist, and impresarios, as well as a section devoted to the wives and mothers of some of the most prominent male toreros. Feiner's extensive research included interviews with noteworthy authorities and with the protagonists themselves. The text is complemented by an extraordinary collection of historical and recent photographs. Feiner's investigation into the fears, frustrations, determination, and motivations of these remarkable women provides a unique insight into an often misunderstood spectacle.


Muriel Feiner is a freelance editor, writer, and translator living in Madrid. She is the author of Los Protagonistas de la Fiesta I: El toro, el torero y su entorno, Los Protagonistas de la Fiesta II: La plaza, el ruedo y el tendido, and La Mujer en el mundo del toro, which won the Antonio Diaz Canabate prize in 1995
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