Astrophysical Sources of High Energy Particles and Radiation

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Dezember 2001



A wide range of topics are covered, ranging from supernovae to active galactic nuclei, cosmic gamma rays to neutrinos and dark matter. The basic emphasis is on physics / astrophysics and experimental / observational techniques, scientific implications of current results, and prospects for future advances. The fields surveyed are in rapid development and the exploration of our high energy universe is proceeding rapidly, with exciting new discoveries. What unifies much of the new data is the idea of particle acceleration to enormous energies and the subsequent interactions of the particles with the local medium. It this focus that makes the book both timely and an important contribution to the field.


Preface; M.M. Shapiro. I: High Energy Processes. Theory of Cosmic Ray and High-Energy Gamma-Ray Production in Supernova Remnants; E.G. Berezhko. Hadronic Collisions at Very High Energies; I. Kurp. Electron Acceleration by Quasi-Parallel Shock Waves; Y. Uvarov. Magnetohydrodynamic wind Driven by Cosmic Rays in a Rotating Galaxy; V.N. Zirakashvili, et al. II: Sources in our Galaxy. Supernovae, Superbubbles, Nonthermal Emission & Light Element Nucleosynthesis in the Galaxy; A.M. Bykov. Cosmic Ray Interactions in the Galactic Center Region; P.L. Biermann, et al. Dark Matter Halo of our Galaxy; R. Cowsik. A New Model for the Thermal X-Ray Composites and the Proton Origin gamma-Rays from Supernova Remnants; O. Petruk. Evolution of Isolated Neutron Stars; S. Popov. High Energy Outburst of Recurrent Transient Pulsar A0535+26; T.N. Dorokhova, N.I. Dorokhov. Section III: Extra-Galactic Sources and Cosmological Connections. High Energy Particles in Active Galactic Nuclei; P.L. Biermann. Galactic Clues About the High-Energy Processes in BL Lac (AGN) Jets; S. Markoff, et al. Nonthermal Phenomena in Clusters of Galaxies; Y. Rephaeli. Correlation and Clustering: Statistical Properties of Galaxy Large Scale Structures; F.S. Labini, A. Gabrielli. The Sunyaev-Zeldovich Effect and its Cosmological Significance; Y. Rephaeli. IV: Cosmic Photons: X-Rays and gamma-Rays. An Overview on GEV-TEV Gamma Ray Astronomy: Past-Present Future; V. Fonseca. A Brief Introduction to the Study of Afterglows of Gamma Ray Bursts; R. Cowsik. Searches for TEV gamma-Ray Emission with the Hegra Cherenkov Telescopes; N. Götting, et al. Variables Gamma Ray Sources, 1: Interactions of Flare Energetic Particles with Solar and Stellar Winds; L.I. Dorman. Variables Gamma Ray Sources, 2: Interactions of Galactic Cosmis Rays with Solar and Stellar Winds; L.I. Dorman. Comets As X-Ray Objects; S. Ibadov. V: Cosmic Ray Particles. Cosmic Ray Origin: General Overview; V.S. Ptuskin. Galactic Cosmic Ray Composition: From the Anomalous Component to the Knee; M.I. Panasyuk. Low Energy Cosmic Ray Nuclei and Their Propagation in the Galaxy; M. Giller. Reacceleration of Galactic Cosmic Rays: Secondary Electron Capture Isotopes Measured by the Cosmic Ray Isotope Spectrometer; S.M. Niebur. The Astrophysics of Ultra-Heavy Galactic Cosmic Rays (And How We Can Detect Them); J.T. Link. EAS:Nµ &endash; Ne Measurements with the EAS-Top Array; S. Valchierotti. L3+Cosmics: An Atmospheric Muon Experiment at Cern; T. Chiarusi. VI: Future Prospects. Nuclear Paleoastrophysics: Prospects and Perspectives; G. Kocharov, et al. H.E.S.S. &endash; The High Energy Stereoscopic System; I. Jung. Development of Atmospheric Cherenkov Detectors at Milagro; R. Atkins. Nemo: Neutrino Mediterranean Observatory; G. Riccobene. Subject Index. Participants.


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