Wandering Paysanos: State Order and Subaltern Experience in Buenos Aires During the Rosas Era

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Juli 2003



Provides a radically new interpretation of postcolonial Argentinian history, showing how marginalized groups used the resources of the market and state to avoid economic exploitation and government domination.


The ways of the market; Cash nexus and conflict; Provincianos' path to work; Class by appearance; The power of laws; The making of crime; The experience of punishment; Regiments: negotiation and protest; Deserters' reasons; Memories ofwar; Rituals of federalism; Subalterns and progress.


Ricardo D. Salvatore is Professor of Modern History at Universidad Torcuato di Tella in Buenos Aires. He is coeditor of "Crime and Punishment in Latin America: Law and Society since Late Colonial Times" and "Close Encounters of Empire: Writing the Cultural History of U.S."-"Latin American Relations, "both published by Duke University Press.


"Meticulously researched in official correspondence, military records, judicial archives, political poetry, and other popular narratives, "Wandering Paysanos" contributes importantly to interdisciplinary discussions of modern state formation and rural political and social consciousness. Few students of the Latin American past can match Salvatore in combining skillful analysis of political, social, and economic relations with an ability to deconstruct and interpret texts. This volume redeems the promise of Latin American subaltern studies."--Gilbert M. Joseph, Yale University
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