Anglo-Saxon Manuscripts: Basic Readings

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Januar 2001



The study of manuscripts is fundamental to the appreciation of Anglo-Saxon texts and culture. Anglo-Saxon Manuscripts: Basic Readings provides an introductory collection of materials covering basic terms, techniques, resources, issues, and applications. Focusing on manuscripts copied before 1100 in England, the selections gathered here consider their history, production, analysis, and significance. Drawn from a variety of published sources and new writings commissioned for this collection, these essays offer a thorough background in principles and practices, along with up-to-date coverage of new developments in paleography. This interdisciplinary collection introduces key subjects of research for Anglo-Saxon studies while suggesting potential developments and new directions within the field.


Introduction Basic Readings in Anglo-Saxon Manuscripts Mary P. Richards Using Anglo-Saxon Manuscripts Alexander R. Rumble Self-Contained Units in Composite Manuscripts of the Anglo-Saxon Period P.R. Robinson Old Manuscripts/New Technologies Kevin S. Kiernan N.R. Ker and the Study of English Medieval Manuscripts Richard W. Pfaff Further Addenda and Corrigenda to N.R. Ker's Catalogue Mary Blockley Surviving Booklists from Anglo-Saxon England Michael Lapidge English Libraries before 1066: Use and Abuse of the Manuscript Evidence David N. Dumville


Mary P. Richards is Professor of English at the University of Delaware. She is the author of Texts and Their Traditions in the Medieval Library of Rochester Cathedral Priory.


""Mary Richards has collected . some of the standard works of the past forty years on Old English manuscripts, ranging from a more or less traditional bibliographical approach to the use of the latest electronic methods of studying damaged manuscripts in order to tease from them letters and words long considered lost beyond recovery."-English Language Notes."
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