Mediating Religion: Studies in Media, Religion, and Culture

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Introduction; Part 1: Popular Piety And Media; 1. David Morgan: Visual Piety and the Aesthetics of Mass Culture; 2. Erica Doss: Staging the Sacred, Mass Media Attention to the Visual and Material Culture of Grief and Mourning; 3. Kelly Denton Borhaug: How Do Women Internalise Christian Atonement Symbols: Analysis of the 1996 Film 'Breaking the Waves'; 4. Ted Harrison: The Role of the Media in the Development of Modern Folk-Faith and Popular Religious Movements; 5. John Ferre: Religious Responses to the Death of Farley in 'For Better or for Worse'; Part 2: Media, Meaning And Identity; 1. Stewart Hoover: New Paper; 2. Hamid Mowlana: Media, Islam and Culture - and a Short Response by Mona Siddiqui; 3. Jim McDonnell: Desperately Seeking Credibility, English Catholics, the Media and the Church; 4. Philip Rossi: The Levelling of Meaning, The Religious Challenge of the Culture of Unconcern; 5. Lynn Schofield-Clark: 'If You Stay Away from Nintendo, You'll Read the Qur'an More', Religious Identities of 'Others' in the Context of a Christian; Part 3: Media Literacy, Community And Youth Culture; 1. Daniel Stout: Mormons and Media Literacy, Exploring Audience Dynamics of Religious Media Education; 2. Ailsa Tomkinson: Adolescent Perceptions of Religious Identity within Popular Broadcasting; 3. Mary Hess: Media Literacy as a Support for the Development of a Responsible Imagination in Religious community; 4. Jose Martinez-de-Toda: Youth, Media and Spirituality; Part 4: Communication Theology; 1. Peter Horsfield: Back to the Future, Media, Culture and Faith Communities; 2. John Forrest: Entertainment and Theology; 3. Jeremy Begbie: Music, Media and God; 4. Franz Josef Eilers: The Communication Formation of Church Leaders as a Holistic Concern; 5. Francis Plude: Communication Theology, Report on a Construction Project; Part 5: Communication Ethics; 1. Clifford Christians: Feminist Social Ethics; 2. Andrew Moemeka: Communailsm Versus; Modernism, The Struggle Between Ethics and Convenience in Africa; 3. Cees Hamelink: Global Billboards, Religions and Human Rights; 4. Richard Holloway: The Nature of Truth in a Media Saturated Context; 5. Bob White: A Historical Change in Communitarian Ethics, The Emerging Communitarian Normative Theory; 6. Mark Fackler: Communitarian Media Theory with an African Flexion, and a Note on the Maelstrom; Part 6: Film And Religion; 1. Steve Nolan: Representing Realities, Theorising Identity Through Liturgy and Film; 2. Linda Mercadante: Faith and Film, Teaching Theology Through Film; 3. Christopher Deacy: An Application of the Christian Concept of Redemption Through the Cinema of Martin Scorsese; 4. Jorg Herrmann: Religion in the Popular Cinema of the Nineties; 5. Jeffrey Keuss: The Sorrows of Young Anakin Skywalker, The Notion of Bildung as Genre in Contemporary Film; 6. Diane Winston: Devin in a Blue Dress or the Doughboy's Goddess? Hollywood Images of Salvation Army Womanhood 1910-1955; 7. Annalee Ward: Mixing Moral Messages, A Recipe for Confusion in Recent Disney Animated Films; Part 7: Cyberspace And Religion; 1. Gregor Goethals: Myth and Ritual in Cyber Space; 2. Anne Foerst: Myth and Ritual in Cyber Space; 3. Stephen O'Leary: Y2K in Religious and Mainstream Media, Techno-Eschatology at the Millennium's End; 4. John Capper and Mark Freeman: Christian Community and Cyberspace, A Case Study in Exposure to New possibilities; 5. Alf Linderman and Mia Lovheim: Internet and Religion, The Making of Meaning, Identity and Community Through Virtual Interaction?; Index


Dr. Jolyon P. Mitchell lectures in Theology and Media at the University of Edinburgh, Scotland. Dr. Jolyon P. Mitchell lectures in Theology and Media at the University of Edinburgh, Scotland. Dr. Sophia Marriage is a research worker with the Church of Scotland.


'...comprehensive collection...full of interest...I will commending some of the to the alt.worship and emerging church communities.--Andii Bowsher, ANVIL Volume 22, Number 4 "Anvil "
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