The Becoming of Time-PB

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November 2002



Introduces sophisticated concepts of time from physics to students of religion, and discusses these concepts in relation to the notions of time in Hindu, Buddhist, Taoist, Judeo-Christian and Islamic thought.


Lawrence W. Fagg is Research Professor in Nuclear Physics at the Catholic University of America. He is the author of "Electromagnetism and the Sacred: At the Frontier of Spirit and Matter" and "Two Faces of Time."


"This lucid and wide-ranging study sets out to reconcile the objective and subjective perspectives in the investigation of the phenomenon of time. [Lawrence W. Fagg] ... explores the wondrous subtleties of time that modern physics continues to reveal, but complements them with the rich insights of the spiritual perspectives on time that the world's major religions have to offer." Helga Nowotny, Former President, International Society for the Study of Time "Lawrence W. Fagg has made a fundamental contribution to our reflection upon time. His work immediately takes its place as a basic text for students and researchers, from college to seminary and university levels."-Philip Hefner, Director, Zygon Center for Religion and Science
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