Interpersonal Reconstructive Therapy: Promoting Change in Nonresponders

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For individuals with chronic, complex problems that include multiple Axis I disorders comorbid with personality disorders, the barriers to change are significant. This book presents a powerful therapeutic approach that integrates psychodynamic, cognitive-behavioral, client-centered, and other techniques to empower patients to overcome these barriers by fostering change in personality. Interpersonal Reconstructive Therapy (IRT) is grounded in an innovative case formulation method that systematically links symptoms to maladaptive patterns in attachment relationships. IRT offers a step-by-step framework for structuring interventions to promote learning of new, healthier patterns, while blocking problem behaviors and building a strong therapeutic alliance. A new preface in the paperback edition addresses current developments in IRT research and practice.


Introduction and Overview. Case Formulation. Choosing Interventions. Structural Analysis of Social Behavior: The Clarifying Lens. Step 1: Collaboration with the Green Against the Red. Step 2: Learning about Patterns, Where They Are From, and What They Are For. Step 3: Blocking Maladaptive Patterns. Step 4: Enabling the Will to Change. Step 5: Learning New Patterns. Interpersonal Reconstructive Therapy in Clinical and Research Contexts.


Lorna Smith Benjamin, PhD, is Professor in the Department of Psychology at the University of Utah and Co-Director of the Interpersonal Reconstructive Therapy Clinic at the University of Utah Neuropsychiatric Institute. She is the author of Interpersonal Diagnosis and Treatment of Personality Disorders, Second Edition.


"Essential reading for anyone interested in psychotherapy with 'difficult' cases. Benjamin's clearly articulated model of psychopathology and psychotherapeutic change processes integrates insights from interpersonal, psychodynamic, cognitive-behavioral, and attachment theory. Detailed clinical case material is provided throughout the book to illuminate key points. I have found this book extremely helpful in my clinical work as well as in my teaching. Students, clinical teachers, and experienced psychotherapists will be raving about this book for many years to come."--George Silberschatz, PhD, Department of Psychiatry, UCSF School of Medicine ""Interpersonal Reconstructive Therapy "is a complex, but rewarding book which describes effective treatment strategies and techniques for working with 'nonresponders' or patients with psychiatric conditions that were previously untreatable. Dr. Benjamin combines psychodynamic and cognitive behavioral theory to address dysfunctional patterns of behavior, while providing therapists with flow charts to make sound clinical interventions and facilitate effective outcomes."--Muriel Prince Warren, DSW, ACSW, Behavioral Science Book Service Advisory Board Member "An astute and compassionate clinician, Dr. Benjamin fulfills our highest expectations as an insightful and sophisticated teacher of therapeutic science. "Interpersonal Reconstructive Therapy "is a work of impeccable scholarship in which therapeutic complexities are assessed clearly and incisively, employing a set of concise principles. Benjamin brilliantly conceptualizes her groundbreaking model and illustrates this authoritative guide with fascinating clinical examples. With her well-articulated method of social structural analysis, she demonstrates a tool--a lens, as she terms it--that codifies and links biographic history and a patient's presenting problem. Elucidating her approach impressively and persuasively, Benjamin has written an illuminating text for th
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