Gender Differences at Puberty

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Focusing on the emergence of gender difference as a major life transition, this study provides a summary of interdisciplinary research that includes contributions from an international team of leading experts. Puberty is one of the most important life transitions. At no other time are there such significant and rapid transformations in biology and social and psychological development. Topics covered in this volume include biological aspects of puberty, body image, aggression, sexual abuse, opposite-sex relationships and the psychopathology of puberty.


Preface; 1. Methodological concerns in puberty-related research Chris Hayward; Part I. Sex Differences in Hormones and their Effect at Puberty: 2. The biology of puberty: new developments in sex difference Patricia Fechner; 3. Hormonal changes at puberty and the emergence of gender differences in internalizing disorders Katherine Sanborn and Chris Hayward; Part II. Girls at Puberty: 4. Puberty and body image Eric Stice; 5. Girls' opposite-sex relationships; interactions with puberty Laura Compian and Chris Hayward; 6. Aggression, psychopathology and deliquency: influences of gender and maturation. Where did all the good girls go? Stephanie R. Hawkins, Samantha Pia Miller and Hans Steiner; Part III. Boys at Puberty: 7. Boys at puberty: psychosocial implications Jenica Huddleston and Xiaojia Ge; Part IV. Puberty and Psychopathology: 8. Puberty and depression Adrian Angold, Carol Worthman and E. Jane Costello; 9. Puberty and schizophrenia Andrew Gotowiec, Mary V. Seeman and Robin Z. Cohen; Part V. Pubertal Timing: Antecedents: 10. Childhood sexual abuse and pubertal timing; implications for long-term psychosocial adjustment Tanya A. Bergevin, William M. Bukowski and Leigh Karavasilis; 11. Psychosocial factors predicting pubertal onset Lauraie L. Meschke, Pamela Jo Johnson, Bonnie L. Barber and Jacquelynne S. Eccles; Part VI. Pubertal Timing: Consequences: 12. Short-term and long-term consequences of early vs. late physical maturation in adolescents Karina Weichold, Rainer Silbereisen and Eva Schmitt-Rodermund; 13. When coming of age means coming undone: links between puberty and psychosocial adjustment among European-American and African-American girls Alice Michael and Jacquelynne S. Eccles; Part VII. Puberty and Context: 14. Puberty in context Julia Graber.


Dr Chris Hayward is an Associate Professor and Chief of Hospital-Based Services for the Department of Psychiatry at Stanford University. He was awarded teacher of the year in 1994 and has received a William T. Grant Faculty Scholar award.
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