Rescripting Shakespeare: The Text, the Director, and Modern Productions

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November 2012



Alan Dessen examines the pluses and minuses of directors' rescripting or rewrighting of Shakespeare's playtexts.


1. 'Let it be hid': price tags, trade-offs, and economies; 2. Rescripting Shakespeare's contemporaries; 3. Adjustments and improvements; 4. Inserting an intermission-interval; 5. What's in an ending? Rescripting final scenes; 6. Rescripting stage directions and actions; 7. Compressing Henry VI; 8. The tamings of the shrews: rescripting the First Folio; 9. The editor as rescripter; 10. Conclusion: what's not here.


Alan C. Dessen is Peter G. Phialas Professor of English at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill.


'Massively detailed in its range of observation and points of detail, this book makes an important contribution to what is perhaps the most fascinating, if emergent, field in contemporary Shakespeare scholarship, namely, adaptation studies.' Journal of Theatre Research International 'Alan C. Dessen's meticulous and accurate methods in analysing the concreteness of Shakespearean stagecraft need no further praise or demonstration. His latest opus offers a successful fusion of academic analytic capacities and an understanding of directors' aspirations and obligations.' Cahiers Elisabethains 'Rescripting Shakespeare is an informative guide for theatregoers ...'. The Journal of the English Association
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