Space Politics and Policy

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Space Politics and Policy: An Evolutionary Perspective provides a comprehensive survey of Space Policy. This book is organized around two themes. Space Policy is evolutionary in that it has responded to dramatic political events, such as the launching of Sputnik and the Cold War, and has undergone dynamic and evolutionary policy changes over the course of the space age. Space Policy is an integral part of and interacts with public policy processes in the United States and abroad. The book analyzes Space Policy at several levels including historical context, political actors and institutions, political processes and policy outcomes. It examines the symbiotic relationships between policy, technology, and science; provides a review and synthesis of the existing body of knowledge in Space Policy; and identifies Space Policy trends and developments from the beginnings of the space age through the current era of the twenty-first century.


List of Figures. List of Tables. Acknowledgements. Prologue: Space Exploration: Myth or Must; W.Z. Sadeh. Introduction: Space Politics and Policy: An Evolutionary Perspective; E. Sadeh. Part I: Space Policy Agenda-Setting: Historical Context. 1. Historical Dimensions of the Space Age; R.D. Launius. 2. Rationales of the Space Program; R. Handberg. 3. Advocacy Coalitions and Space Policy; C.J. Bosso, W.D. Kay. Part II: Space Policy Formulation and Implementation: Actors and Institutions. 4. Presidents and Space Policy; L.T. Krug. 5. Congress and Space Policy; J. Johnson-Freese. 6. Bureaucracy and the Space Program; H.E. McCurdy. 7. Public Administration of the Space Program; E. Sadeh. Part III: Space Policy Outcomes. 8. Space and the Environment; E. Sadeh, J.P. Lester. 9. Space Law; N.C. Goldman. 10. Economics of Space; M.K. Macauley. 11. Space Commerce; J.A. Vedda. 12. Ethics and Off-Earth Commerce; D.M. Livingston. 13. Space Business; 14. International Space Cooperation; E. Sadeh. 15. Comparative Space Policy: The Space Policy Crisis in the American, European, and French Space Programs; X. Pasco, L. Jourdain. 16. Space and the Military; P.L. Hays. 17. Intelligence Space Program; Conclusions: Space Politics and Policy: Facing the Future; J.M. Logsdon. Notes. Index.


"This is a comprehensive set of contributions....authoritative... Strongly recommended."
(Space Flight, 45 (2003)
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