Imagining Japan

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Februar 2003



A collection of previously published pieces by one of the most important sociologists of the last half-century, Imagining Japan explores the ways in which Japanese society and culture have developed over the last millenium and a half, and the implicit controversy involved in defining Japanese tradition.


Introduction: The Japanese Difference
1. The Contemporary Meaning of Kamakura Buddhism
2. Ienaga Saburo and the Search for meaning in Modern Japan
3. Japan's cultural Identity: Some Reflections on the Work of Watsuji Tetsuro
4. Notes on Maruyama Masao
5. Intellectual and Society in Japan
6. The Japanese Emperor as a Mother Figure: Some Preliminary Notes
7. Continuity and Change in Japanese Society Notes Bibliography Index


Robert N. Bellah is Elliott Professor of Sociology, Emeritus, at the University of California, Berkeley. He is author of Beyond Belief (California, 1991) and Tokugawa Religion: The Cultural Roots of Modern Japan (1985), and coauthor of Habits of the Heart (California, 1985).


"One of the most original attempts to understand some of the psychological and symbolic roots of the central problems in Japanese history. Bellah masterfully brings together intellectual and institutional dimensions of Japan, making a very important contribution to Japanese Studies."
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