An Expendable Man: The Near-Execution of Earl Washington, Jr.

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August 2003



How is it possible for an innocent man to come within nine days of execution? "An Expendable Man" answers that question through detailed analysis of the case of Earl Washington Jr., a mentally retarded, black farm hand who was convicted of a rape and murder he did not commit.


As a reporter and now editorial writer for the Virginian-Pilot, the state's largest paper, Margaret Edds interviewed Earl Washington extensively and worked closely with his attorneys and all the principles of the case. She is the author of Free at Last and Claiming the Dream.


"A fascinating story, told colorfully and with the law and justice the final victor." - New York Law Journal "With chilling clarity, Margaret Edds peels back the layers of the legal, judicial and social orders to explain how an innocent man comes within nine days of execution." - William Raspberry, Pulitzer Prize-winning columnist for the Washington Post "Earl Washington's story reveals the dark side of a system that is not known for admitting its mistakes. We have a lot to learn from this case." - Senator Patrick Leahy (D-Vt.), chief sponsor of the Innocence Protection Act"
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