The Chinese Cultural Revolution Reconsidered: Beyond Purge and Holocaust

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Juni 2003



This book reconsiders the Chinese Cultural Revolution from the perspective of the current economic and political climate. With contributions from leading international scholars this volume brings together the latest research on explanations for China's revolution and its legacy.


List of Tables and Figure Notes on the Contributors Preface Explanations for China's Revolution at its Peak;
L.T.White III &
K-Y.Law Between Destruction and Construction: The First Year of the Cultural Revolution;
S.Wang The Structural Sources of the Cultural Revolution;
S.Wang Historical Reflections on the Cultural Revolution as a Political Movement;
H.Y.Lee The Logic of Repressive Collective Action: A Case Study of Violence in the Cultural Revolution;
X.Gong The Cultural Revolution in Zhejiang Revisited: The Paradox of Rebellion and Factionalism and Violence and Social Conflict amidst Economic Growth;
K.Forster The Politics of the Cultural Revolution in Historical Perspective;
A.Dirlik The Cultural Revolution and the Origins of Post-Mao Reform;
M.Lupher Legacies of the Maoist Development Strategy: Rural Industrialization in China;
C.P.W.Wong The Strange Tale of China's Tea Industry During the Cultural Revolution;
K.Forster The Cultural Revolution and the Democracy Movement of 1989: Complexity in Historical Connections;
C.Calhoun &
J.N.Wasserstrom "To Rebel is Justified": Cultural Revolution Influences on Contemporary Chinese Protest;
E.Perry Index


KAM-YEE LAW is Assistant Professor in the department of Applied Social Studies, City University, Hong Kong. He is also the Executive Editor of the Hong Kong Journal of Social Sciences.
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