Cromwell and the Interregnum: The Essential Readings

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April 2003



This book brings together eight of the most influential recent articles on Oliver Cromwell and the Interregnum. Brings together seminal articles on Oliver Cromwell and the Interregnum. Illuminates the personality of Cromwell and his achievements. Includes treatments of Ireland and Scotland alongside discussion of England. Editorial material introduces students to the historiographical issues.


Acknowledgements. Editora s Introduction. 1. Oliver Cromwell, the Regicide and the Sons of Zeruiah (John Morrill, University of Cambridge and Philip Baker, Associate Editor, The New Dictionary of National Biography). 2. Oliver Cromwell and the Sin of Achan (Blair Worden, University of Sussex). 3. The Cromwellian Protectorate: A Military Dictatorship? (Austin Woolrych, University of Lancaster). 4. a The Single Persona s Confidants and Dependentsa ? Oliver Cromwell and his Protectoral Councilors (Peter Gaunt, University College, Chester). 5. Oliver Cromwell and the Localities: The Problem of Consent (Anthony Fletcher). 6. Cromwell's Religion (Colin Davis, University of East Anglia). 7. Oliver Cromwell, the First Protectorate Parliament and Religious Reform (David L. Smith, University of Cambridge). 8. Cromwell, Scotland and Ireland (David Stevenson, University of St. Andrews). Timeline. Index.


David L. Smith is Fellow and Director of Studies in History at Selwyn College, Cambridge. He has won the Royal Historical Society's Alexander Prize and Cambridge University's Thirlwall Prize for Historical Research. He is the author of eight previous books on various aspects of sixteenth-- and seventeenth--century history including Oliver Cromwell (1991), A History of the Modern British Isles, 1603--1707 (Blackwell, 1998), and The Stuart Parliaments, 1603----1689 (1999).


"Here are eight of the best essays of the past twenty years on Oliver Cromwell in power. The collection is enhanced by David Smitha s lucid and comprehensive introduction summarizing the current historiography on politics and religion during the Interregnum." ----Ian Gentles, Glendon College, Toronto "This collection of important articles on the 1650s will be a boon to everyone interested in discovering more about the history of the Commonwealth and Protectorate, as will the editora s introduction, which is a splendid guide to many important themes of the history of that period." ----Barry Coward, Birkbeck College, London
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