A Theology of Engagement

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Oktober 2003



Ian Markham provides an alternative to the liberal/orthodox divide in contemporary Christianity, defends Christianity's engagement with non-Christian traditions & provides a discussion of theological methods.


Acknowledgments.Introduction.1. Engagement: What it is and why it matters.2. Augustine's Theological Methodology. 3. Assimilation, Resistance and Overhearing.4. Assimilation: Engagement with Human Rights.5. Resistance: The heresy of State Sovereignty and the Religious imperative for intervention to defend Human rights.6. Assimilation: The Importance of Black and Feminist Perspectives.7. Overhearing: Clash of Discourses: Secular in the West against the Secular in India.8. Overhearing: Thinking about Hinduism, Inclusivity and Toleration.9. Assimilation: Christianity and the Consensus Around Capitalism.10. Assimilation and overhearing: 'Rethinking Globalization: Bediuzzaman Said Nursi's Risale-I Nur in conversation with Empire: By Hardt and Negri.11. Keith Ward: An Engaged Theologian.12. Engaging with the Pope: Engagement yet not Engagement.13. The Shape of an Engaged Theology. Conclusion. Notes. References. Index.


Ian Markham is Dean of Hartford College, Connecticut. He is the author of numerous books, including Truth and the Reality of God (1999) and Theological Liberalism (2000). For Blackwell Publishing he has edited A World Religions Reader (1999) and Encountering Religion (2000). He serves on the editorial board of the journal Teaching Theology and Religion.


"As a more spacious cosmology and the forces of diversity and globalization prompt "enclosures" of all sorts, Markham's thoughtful and timely work argues for "engagement" in terms that evocatively call forth both a bold integrity and an audacious humility in the practice of Christian theology." Sharon Daloz Parks, Associate Director, Whidbey Institute "Professor Markham's essays are worth reading. The themes chosen are important, ...well researched and offer a good point of entry for the newcomer." Philip Lewis, University of Bradford, The Expository Times "This book can help students, undergraduates and upwards, see the grand sweep as well as some of the intricacies of the faith and reason problem, and even experiment with it. This book would be an excellent choice for anyone interested in what thinking has to do wit Christianity." Sandra Ellis-Killian, The Alethia Foundation "There is much here for a wide range of readers, those interested in theological methodology, historical theology, theology of religions, interfaith dialogue, ethical, social and global theology." Andrew Wingate, Leicester "Markham puts forward clearly and passionately for, his position. This is a book with something to say." Zoe Bennett, The Cambridge Federation
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