Centre-Local Relations in the Stalinist State, 1928-1941

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This book analyzes the development of the Stalinist state of the 1930s from the perspective of the changing nature of centre-local relations. It examines the trend toward greater central state control over the formation and implementation of economic policy and the shift towards increased state repression through a series of archive-based case studies of the centre's interactions with its republican and regional bodies. The book provides the basis for a new conceptualization of the Stalinist state.


List of Tables Preface Notes on the Contributors Glossary Introduction The Changing Nature of Centre-Local Relations in the USSR, 1928-1936;
E.A.Rees The First Generation of Stalinist 'Party Generals';
O.Khlevnyuk Republican and Regional Leaders at the XVII Party Congress in 1934;
E.A.Rees Moscow City and Oblast;
E.A.Rees Karelia ASSR;
N.Baron The Donbass;
H.Kuromiya Vinnitsa Oblast;
V.Vasiliev The Great Purges and the XVIII Party Congress of 1939;
E.A.Rees Notes Bibliography Index


N.BARON Researcher, Department of History, University of ManchesterOLEG KHLEVNYUK State Archives of the Russian Federation (GARF)HIROAKI KUROMIYA Professor of History, Indiana University, Bloomington, USAVALERY VASILIEV Researcher, Ukrainian Academy of Science, Kiev
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