Field and Laboratory Methods for Grassland and Animal Production Research

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Oktober 2000



This book assembles in one volume a range of methods used by plant and animal production scientists to study grassland vegetation and animal performance. It replaces a previous volume Measurement of Grassland Vegetation and Animal Production, CAB Bulletin No. 52, published in 1978, which is now very dated. However, subjects covered in the previous book have been reconstructed completely and many new topics have been added, to reflect current research priorities.


Statistical aspects of vegetation sampling and animal performance; pattern analysis of vegetation data; modelling production systems; measuring botanical composition, sward structure, and population dynamics of grasslands; evaluation of forage species and cultivars; assessing rangeland condition and trends; remote sensing; measuring with parameters and mineral flows; designing animal production studies and measuring animal performance; sociological aspects. (Part contents)


"Overall, the book is a comprehensive portfolio of information about concepts and practice in any collection, private or institutional. The writer extends congratulations to the authors and editors."
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