Fungi as Biocontrol Agents: Progress, Problems and Potential

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August 2001



There is increasing interest in the use of fungi for the control of pests, weeds and diseases. This book brings together perspectives from pathology, ecology, genetics, physiology, production technology, to address the use of fungi as biological control agents.


Fungal nutrition and pathogenesis; fungal toxins; genetic improvement of fungal biocontrol agents; mycoparasites for the control of fungal diseases and of insect pests; control of plant and animal parasitic nematodes; biocontrol of weeds; production, storage, formulation and application technologies; biosafety.


"The study of fungi as agents for the biological control of pests has enjoyed renewed interest among scientists in both research and regulatory settings. This is especially true in light of changes in laws resulting in more restrictions on the use of certain classes of chemical insecticides."
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