Williams Syndrome: An International Journal of Life-Span Issues in Neuropsychology

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Mai 2003



Focussing on Williams Syndrome, this comprehensive volume is a special issue of "Developmental Neuropsychology".


Volume 23, Numbers 1 and 2, 2003 Contents: C.B. Mervis, Williams Syndrome: 15 Years of Psychological Research. B.F. Robinson, C.B. Mervis, B.W. Robinson, The Roles of Verbal Short-Term Memory and Working Memory in the Acquisition of Grammar by Children With Williams Syndrome. V. Volterra, M.C. Caselli, O. Capirci, F. Tonucci, S. Vicari, Early Linguistic Abilities of Italian Children With Williams Syndrome. Y. Levy, S. Hermon, Morphological Abilities of Hebrew-Speaking Adolescents With Williams Syndrome. K. Sullivan, E. Winner, H. Tager-Flusberg, Can Adolescents With Williams Syndrome Tell the Difference Between Lies and Jokes? B. Landau, A. Zukowski, Objects, Motions, and Paths: Spatial Language of Children With Williams Syndrome. J. Atkinson, O. Braddick, S. Anker, W. Curran, R. Andrew, J. Wattam-Bell, F. Braddick, Neurobiological Models of Visuo-Spatial Cognition in Children With Williams Syndrome: Measures of Dorsal-Stream and Frontal Function. E.K. Farran, C. Jarrold, Visuo-Spatial Cognition in Williams Syndrome: Reviewing and Accounting for the Strengths and Weaknesses in Performance. A.J. Don, E.G. Schellenberg, A.S. Ruber, K.M. DiGirolamo, P.P. Wang, Implicit Learning in Children and Adults With Williams Syndrome. A. Karmiloff-Smith, J.H. Brown, S. Grice, S. Paterson, Dethroning the Myth: Cognitive Dissociations and Innate Modularity in Williams Syndrome. C.B. Mervis, C.A. Morris, B.P. Klein-Tasman, J. Bertrand, S. Kwitny, L.G. Appelbaum, C.E. Rice, Attentional Characteristics of Infants and Toddlers With Williams Syndrome During Triadic Interactions. B.P. Klein-Tasman, C.B. Mervis, Distinctive Personality Characteristics of 8-, 9-, and 10-Year-Olds With Williams Syndrome. E. Dykens, Anxiety, Fears, and Phobias in Persons With Williams Syndrome.
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