Studying Management Critically

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`An excellent source for graduate students, especially in the field of human resource development, who are exploring areas for future research of a critical nature' - Adult Education Quarterly

Drawing upon a range of influential contemporary movements in the social sciences, primarily upon critical traditions, such as the Critical Theory of the Frankfurt School, this text provides a wide ranging analysis of management and its various specialisms.

The book offers critical understandings of key areas of management theory and practice such as accounting, strategic management, marketing, business ethics and environmental management. It also examines the relations between power and discursive practices in the modern corporation; the role of architecture as a repressive and emancipatory force in organizations; gender and organizations and critical methodology for organizational research. Key issues of power/knowledge relations across these areas are addressed and new agendas both for these fields and for management studies as a whole are introduced.

Contributing authors include: Mats Alvesson, Gibson Burrell, David Cooper, Karen Dale, Stan Deetz, Linda Forbes, John Forester, John Jermier, David Levy, Joanne Martin, Glenn Morgan, Martin Parker, Mike Power, Richard Loughlin and Hugh Willmott


Introduction - Mats Alvesson and Hugh Willmott
Disciplinary Power, Conflict Suppression and Human Resource Management - Stanley Deetz
On Fieldwork in a Habermasian Way - John Forester
Critical Ethnography and the Extra-Ordinary Character of Ordinary Professional Work
Feminist Theory and Critical Theory - Joanne Martin
Unexplored Synergies
Critical Approaches to Strategic Management - David L Levy, Mats Alvesson and Hugh Willmott
Marketing and Critique - Glenn Morgan
Prospects and Problems
Accounting and Critical Theory - Michael Power, Richard Laughlin and David J Cooper
Greening Organizations - John M Jermier and Linda C Forbes
Critical Issues
Building Better Worlds? - Gibson Burrell and Karen Dale
Architecture and Critical Management Studies
Business, Ethics and Business Ethics - Martin Parker
Critical Theory and Negative Dialectics


Mats Alvesson holds a chair in the Business Administration department at Lund University in Sweden and is also part-time professor at University of Queensland Business School. He has done extensive research and published widely in the areas of qualitative and reflexive methodology, critical theory, organizational culture, knowledge work, identity in organizations, gender, organizational change, management consultancy etc. He has published 20 books with leading publishers and hundreds of articles, many of which are widely cited and used on higher levels in university education.
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