Juggernaut Politics: Understanding Predatory Globalization

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Dezember 2003



The need for maximum labor flexibility in order to ensure competitiveness has replaced the old aim of making workers into productive allies and mass consumers. Jacques B. Gelinas' vivid text picks out the key elements of this new economic landscape, and explains why the owners and CEO's of this new transnational economy no longer need their traditional alliance with the state and the middle classes. He depicts governments, spellbound by the market, abandoning their obligations to defend civil society.


CONTENTS Acknowledgements Translator's note Presentation PART 1: UNDERSTANDING THE GLOBALISED WORLD 1. From Worldwide Colonial Mercantilism to Globalisation 2. The hidden face of the global market 3. The Masters of the Globalised World 4. The Overseers 5. The Ideology of Globalisation 6. The United Nations, Patroness of the Third World 7. The Tragedy of the Commons 8. The Slums of the "Global Village" PART 2: RECLAIMING THE COMMONS 9. Another world is possible 10. Who will do it? 11. Reclaiming the Economy 12. The Four Forms of Reappropriation 13. A Cause for the 21st Century


JACQUES B. GELINAS is an essayist and lecturer. He trained as a sociologist at the Universities of Ottawa and Laval, and later worked in popular education and community development in the Bolivian Andes. He returned to Canada in the 1970s and has since taught at the University of Ottawa, worked for the Quebec Government, and co-founded a publishing house on political and social issues. He has written several books, including Freedom from Debt (Zed Books, 1998).

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