Fiber Optic Fluorescence Thermometry

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Dezember 1994



This book brings together in a single volume the principles, practice and applications of the technology and places it in the context of other recent developments in optical fiber sensor technology. Relevant solid-state physics relating to fluorescent emission is reviewed to aid in materials selection all aspects of sensor design including detector circuit configurations are covered. Cross-referencing of systems with other temperature sensors and comparative evaluations with other sensor types are included.


Foreword. Preface. Symbols and abbreviations. Fiber optic
fluorescence thermometry: An introduction. Temperature dependences of
Cr3+ fluorescence lifetimes. Phase-locked detection of fluorescence
lifetime. Cr3+ fluorescence thermometers and applications of PLD.
Alexandrite based fluorescence thermometry. Cr:LiSAF based
thermometer for biomedical applications. High temperature rare-earth
thermometry and pyrometry. Self-referencing intensity-based
fluorescence thermometry. Rare-earth doped fluorescent and
luminescent optical fibers. Assessment and cross-comparisons in fiber
optic fluorescence thermometry. Index.


A useful book for suppliers researching developments in instruments - Control and Instrumentation; We have in Fibre Optic Fluorescence Thermometry a comprehensive overview of an important area of Optical Sensing to satisfy the specialist in the field. For those requiring an introduction to the subject, it will also be found that the scene is set in the first few chapters in a useful and helpful way, and there will be literally hundreds of references to allow an i n-depth study of the subject to be made. - Measurement and Control
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